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Necessity of management education in globalized era

The post globalization period has created a competitive environment which rekindled interest in media, industry, academia and society about the content, scope and relevance of study on management education. India, given its cultural, economic and social diversity has not adequately articulated the relevance of management education in these contexts. Management education in India is predominately a derivative of western management thought and practice particularly in the area of pedagogy, curricula, industry interface & academic research models. Occasionally, management schools draw some inferences from Indian epics, shastras and practices. It may be worthwhile to notice that management itself as a discipline has evolved from fundamental disciplines of philosophy, psychology, economics, accounting, computer science, mathematics, statistics and industrial engineering.

The core objective of management education is to evolve a system which would be useful to enterprises, industry and hence society thereby creating a symbiotic relationship with stakeholders of wealth creation process. This symbiotic relationship between the industry and the education system has lead to a very healthy exchange of knowledge creation and sharing.

Management study in Kalam Institute of Technology

In recent years management education has seen phenomenal growth in our country. The number of institutions providing undergraduate and post-graduate level management courses have rising to over 2400. Of these, more than 1500 were added after the year 2000. The students now have a vast choice regarding the institutions in which they want to study. This has been possible largely due to the entrepreneurial initiative of promoters, taking advantage of the ever increasing demand for management graduates, hence management education. Still it has been far reaching among the rural and common masses. Realizing this gap, particularly in South Odisha, the Department of MBA was started under the banner of Kalam Institute of Technology in the year 2009 with a vision to provide management education and training to the students at affordable cost and facilitate creation and development of value added human resource of Global standard.

The department offers 2 year full time MBA degree course in 4 semesters as per the BPUT curriculum. The department offers dual specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, IT and Production Management.

The MBA programme is under the recognition of AICTE. The department is ranked best among those of the newly emerged management institutions as per the quality of education imparted by the distinguished faculty with interdisciplinary background.


To develop in the students an analytical mind-set, in-depth professional knowledge, passion for achievement and a socially responsive outlook, which will ensure all round development of the nation.


To grow into an institute of excellence in imparting management education in this part of the country.
To generate alternative solution to management problems in general, and problems faced by business houses in the country through organized programmes of research, consultancy and publication.


The business education is highly application oriented and hence we at the department follow a multidimensional pedagogy for different programmes which consist of the following;

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Individual and group presentations
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Assignments
  • Survey based field work
  • Projects
  • Industry interactions
  • Extension lectures on emerging issues

The department follows the course curriculum which are designed and updated by BPUT on a regular basis. Students are engaged in assignments, presentations and are evaluated through internal assessment and examinations keeping in view the academic and industry requirements.


Dakshya is identified as an aspect of the Adityas (sun). The name Dakshya not onlygives a good appreciation of material values, business ability, and skill in organizing and managing others but also brings out a practical, composed quality, with a strong desire for a good standard of living in an environment where the students are in contact with distinguished and successful people. In pursuance of the skill development and to make the students Dakshya, following activities are organized by the Department in a regular manner to open up their mind to meet challenges concerned with the corporate world and to develop the overall personality of the students under banner of Dakshya.

Our Strength

1. Quality Faculty: - The Department of MBA has versatile staff members having vast experience in teaching, research and corporate world.
2. Research Culture:-
Teachers & Students of the insitute are encourged to undertake research in certain areas of national interest.
3. Faculty Development Programmes:-
In order to create good teachers the institute encourage the teachers to attend the faculty development programmes on a large scale.
4. Regular interaction with Industry:-
There are no mechanisms to forge close relationship between management schools & industry groups. Owing to this requirement, the institution arranges two study tours, one inside the state and other outside the state, to gain practical knowledge in corporate world. The institute also invites successful personalities in various industry and business sector to share their experience with the students.
5. The proper system of Accreditation & Rating:-
In order to standadise the organisation it is one of the emerging issues is to identify the process to be adopted for implementation of an accreditation system. The accreditation has to be fair, transparent, independent as well as ruthless. For this purpose ISO has been invited to certify the quality of the organization.

Since the management students produced by this institution are primarily absorbed by industry and business, our endeavor should be to match the curriculum and structure of management education to better fit the needs of India and sensitive to the changes in both in the industrial and services sectors within the country.

We hope Department of MBA, Kalam Institution of Technology has not only succeed in its objective, but are also able to influence other institutions to move in this direction to contribute to the society by a contextually relevant management education.