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Mechanical Engineering

As India is moving towards a developed country, the role of Engineers is immense towards achieving the goal. Mechanical Engineers do have a greater role to play in shaping the future of a nation. So, the burdon of teaching staffs of Mechanical Engineering department is definitely more for shaping the future of students. We have experienced faculties for this endeavor. Our faculties put their effort in shaping the minds of our students to fit themselves to face the modern competitive world. We thrust the knowledge of competitiveness from the day one to our students.

About Mech. Department

Mechanical Engineering department has its existence since 2009.We are monitoring the activity of our students on day to basis by adopting the method of proctorial system with a sound basis of regular maintenance of records, which establishes a genuine personal relationship among the teachers and students. We advice our students to meet the proctor in connection with any problem academic or otherwise.

Ability of Our Student

1. The student will be able to develop and produce a product.
2. The student will be able to solve complex problems where analysis of a situation and data in depth analysis required.

Strength of Passing Out Students

1. Can go for higher studies.
2. Join or a researcher in research institute.
3. Join or a trainee engineer in PSUS.
4. Join or a trainee engineer in private companies.
5. Ability to start own industries.

Why choose Mech. In KALAM

We introduce a judicious mixture of theory and practice in teaching, by dividing them in mainly two groups namely fast learners and slow learners .the slow learners are chosen for a counseling and separate corrective studies which motivates the students for learning. The practicals are conducted in three stages wherein the first is instructive and second is performing stage and last is interactive.