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Dept. of Applied Sciences & Humanities

So far as Engg. is concerned, Applied Science plays an indispensible role to instill into the mind of young engineers, the basic skills conferred through the subjects like Engg. Physics, Engg. Chemistry and Engg. Mathematics considered to be the foundation courses on which the destination of the engineers is built up.

This Branch is consisting of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects for all B.Tech. 1st year students. They are assigned to study both theory and practical classes.

Physics Lab

As per the BPUT Syllabus, we are conducting various experiments viz
1. Determination of acceleration due to Gravity by using Bar Pendulum/Kater’s Pendulum.
2. Determination of Surface Tension of water by using Capillary rise method.
3. Verification of Laws of Transverse vibration in a stretched String using Sonometer.
4. Study of VI characteristics of PN-Junction Diode.
5. Study of VI Characteristics of BJT.
6. Determination of Youngs Modulous by using Searle’s Apparatus.
7. Determination of Rigidity Modulous by using Horizontal Pattern of Apparatus.
8. Determination of Thermal conductivity of a Bad conductor by using Lee’s Disc Method.
9. Determination of wave length of Monochromatic Light by using Newton’s Ring setup.
10. Determination of Grating element of a plane transmission Grating.
11. Study of RC Circuit

Chemistry Lab

Role of English for Engineers:

In fact, English is a window language that approaches us to the outside world. Without having adequate knowledge in this subject, we can’t see the real world as two-third books of the world are being printed in English language. Therefore, it is a must in present globalized era.
All the 1st year B.Tech. students are assigned to study English theory classes and lab classes.

Orell Digital Language Lab.

This Laboratory offers classes to enhance...
1. Communication skill
2. Listening skill
3. Personality Development
4. Interview skill
5. Group Discussion(G.D.)
6. Soft skill Training
7. Pre-Placement Training