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Berhampur, Odisha

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Mission & Vision


1. To educate engineers committed to the innovative and ethical application of science and technology in addressing the most pressing societal needs.
2. To develop and nurture twenty-first century leadership qualities, perspectives, and skills in our students, faculty and alumni.
3. To develop and disseminate transformational new knowledge and technologies that further the well-being and sustainability of society.
4. To provide national leadership in enhancing the role and visibility of the engineering profession in the education of our youth and the development and implementation of public policy

Our Vision:

To be the best at serving society by creating engineering knowledge and educating engineers for dynamic and global careers.
The following strategic characteristics and aspirations enable the College to realize its vision:
1. Contemporary and rigorous educational experiences that develop the engineer and something more.
2. An atmosphere that facilitates personal commitment to the educational success of students in an environment that values diversity and community.
3. Education and research partnerships with targeted agencies, universities, and industries.
4. Highly successful alumni who contribute to the profession in the global society.
5. Undergraduate programs that integrate global awareness, communication skills and team building across the curriculum.
6. Internationally recognized research programs.
7. Prudent and accountable resource management.
8. Graduate education and training that prepares students for interdisciplinary engineering research and advanced problem solving.
9. Leadership and service to meet society’s needs.